*B Cherry Glen Tilden Draconus

Draconus came to us in the summer and fought a low grade respiratory condition for several months. We feel this stunted him a little and resulted in weak pasterns which neither of his parents had. His pasterns have improved. He has a perfect topline with a long rump. We used him this year and hopefully he will live up to his pedigree. He is on the Young Sire List.

Reg: AT1513058 Date of Birth: 05-26-2009
LA 2-05 88 (V,E,V)
Sire: SG +*B Cherry Glen Cornerstone Tilden LA 2-05 88 (V,E,V)
SS: SG ++B Krystal Kreek Wrev Cornerstone SD: SGCH Willow Run Houston Tillie 2*M La 6-6 93
Dam: GCH Cherry Glen Tristin Dana LA 3-4 92
Top Ten Protein
DS: GCH ++B Little Creek LCTT Tristin
DD: Cherry Glen Pendleton Dandi 1*M