Krystal Kreek KKCRF Fulcrum

Fulcrum is linebred on both Wrevenge and Le Fluer. His littermate sisters are beautiful.

His littermate sister Fable has done very well this year. Finch aborted in 07 but is also very nice and is bred for 08.

Reg: AT1365750Date of Birth:
LA 2-05 84 (+, V,V)
Sire: CH Krystal Kreek KKWCR Falcone LA 5-03 91 (E,E,E)

SS: +B Krystal Kreek Wrev Cornerstone LA 3-03 90 (E,E,E)
SD: CH Krystal Kreek Wrvenge Le Fluer LAS 5-04 90 (V,E,E,E)
Dam: SGCH Krystal Kreek Le Force Frolic LA 3-03 91 (V,E,E,E)
DS: Krystal Kreek Capsule Le Force LA 2=-6 86 (V,V,V)
DD: Krystal Kreek KKWCR Fuschia LA 4-11 88 (V,V,E,V)