CH Krystal Kreek KKWCR Falcone

CH Krystal Kreek KKWCR Falcone

Falcone looks to be one of the most exciting bucks we have bred since his sire Cornerstone.

He has his mother's extreme width, depth and levelness over the topline. He also has one of the widest, most level rumps I have seen in a buck. He has passed on many of these characteristics to his daughters. Falcone has been BBIS eight times.

LA: 7-04 92 (E,E,E) excellent in all categories

Sire: *Krystal Kreek Wrevenge Cornerstone
LA 2-03 FS 86 (VEV), 3-4 FS 90 (E,E,E)

SS: ++*B Dairy Delight Pharoh Wrevenge
SD: Krystal Kreek Ovid Collette
Dam: CH Krystal Kreek Wrev Le Fluer
LA: 2-3 FS 89 (V,E,E,E) 4-3 FS 88 (V,E,E,V)
DS: *B Dairy Delight Pharoh Wrevenge
DD: Tansey Hill Climax Fanfare FS 90