Krystal Kreek Hot Blue Avatar

Avatar’s dam Accord was the second place three year old and his littermate Affinity was the third place yearling milker at the 2010 Nationals. His other littermate Aster also looks promising. He is long, tall and dairy and was bred to a number of the 2-10 doelings.

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Krystal Kreek Wood Attari

Attari has Krystal Kreek animals and Little Creek Tristin and Soaring D Wendy on both sides of his pedigree. At this writing he has several doe kids on the ground and they are growthy and appear to be very correct.

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*B Cherry Glen Tilden Draconus

Draconus came to us in the summer and fought a low grade respiratory condition for several months. We feel this stunted him a little and resulted in weak pasterns which neither of his parents had. His pasterns have improved. He has a perfect topline with a long rump. We used him this year and hopefully he will live up to his pedigree. He is on the Young Sire List.

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