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Breeding, showing, and selling Toggenburg dairy goats since 1983.

About Us

About our Toggenburg Dairy Goats

The Toggenburg is a Swiss breed of dairy goat. It is among the most productive breeds of dairy goat and is distributed worldwide. With careful breeding we produce high quality, productive dairy goats.

Krystal Kreek Farm is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Western Ohio near the Indiana border on 57 acres of lush pastures, meadows and woods with a spring fed creek running though the property. Our Toggenburg dairy goat herd takes advantage of about 20 acres for browsing, especially in the summer. Our dairy goats share the creek with a flock of geese who keep a watchful eye on the property and warn us of any intruders.

The Toggenburg herd receives the following care:
  • We provide a routine regimen of yearly vaccinations
  • All kids are removed promptly at birth and receive heat treated colostrum and are raised on pasteurized milk
  • We test yearly for CAE and continue to practice CAE prevention
  • We have used linear appraisal most years and have found it to be very helpful
  • We will start Owner Sample DHIR milk testing this year.

We offer top quality kids for sale from our Toggenburg dairy goat herd. The stock we sell is guaranteed to be fertile if given proper care by the buyer. Please contact us at

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Breeding quality sires and does to produce upstanding, long, elegant Toggenburgs with good feet and legs, and correct udders.

We compete in about four to five dairy goat shows a year. Krystal Kreek Toggenburgs and their direct descendants have consistently placed in the top 10 at all these shows.

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